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Chi Nei Tsang (Organ Massage therapy)

Chi Nei Tsang is a non-invasive method of abdominal massage. It makes use of the energy flow of all major systems in the body: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, integumentary, lymphatic, nervous, fasciae tendon-muscle, acupuncture meridian, etc.
Chi Nei Tsang can help increase the energy flow into the internal organs by specific manipulations and through massaging a series of points in the navel area. CNT frees the blockages in the abdomen and guides the healing energy through the entire body. 

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang "Vitalize Internal Organs"
  • Relief from tension and pain
  • Reduces abdominal pains
  • Helps aid in digestion and assimilation
  • Improves elimination
  • Breathe more fully and effortlessly
  • Releases physiological and emotional blocks
  • Detoxify and strengthen weak or damaged organs
  • PMS, cysts, and other female orders
  • Correct old chronic structural problems
  • Extend your life by rejuvenating and balancing your organs and glands

Initial Consultation & Treatment: $195.00 1.5 hours
Follow Up Treatments: $150 / 50 minutes
Package of 5: 10% off
Package of 10 15% off
VIP MEMBER: $120 per treatment (always receives 20% off)