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BELLABIRTHING is more than a technique,

it is a philosophy; based on the belief that fear and tension are counterproductive

to a calm and beautiful birth. 

Next class date:

Last Saturday of the month from 12-5pm

Price: $199.00 or early bird discount $149 when paid 30 days in advanced.

*call 561-76-AGAPE to save your space today!



This unique program was designed by Holistic Physician and Midwife, Dr. Bella Lauren, in order to integrate mind-body medicine into the birthing process. The different modalities used include Yoga Asanas, TaiQi, QiGong, Mindfullness-Mama Meditation practice as well as creative childbirth preparation into a cohesive whole.

After teaching Childbirth Education, hypnobirthing and yoga for many years separate from one another, she decided to bring the three modalities into a new complimentary model that supports a mother and her partner in all aspects of preparation for an empowered, confident, loving and peaceful childbirth.

BellaBirth classes are designed to open your mind and body up to the beauty that lies within each of us as women and mothers. You will learn the tools to carry you through a conscious pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. You will find yourself better equipped to make decisions that are right for you and your family. As you learn to move through your birth with awareness, you will not only receive knowledge, but confidence in your body’s abilities as all your concerns and fears are addressed and demystified.

Our culture is laden with fear and doubt when it comes to childbirth. As you reconnect with yourself and your body’s natural wisdom and abilities to give birth, trust will be cultivated in the birth process and the fear tension pain cycle that surrounds birth in will be eliminated. You will come to experience the gift of “giving birth to your baby”, not “being delivered of your baby.”

Through BellaBirth classes, you will come to have a greater understanding of what happens in your body during birth. You will learn about the pleasure pain cycle of hormones and normalizing pain. You will learn about nutrition in pregnancy, optimal fetal positioning and become informed on the uses of medication and technology during childbirth. You will participate in exercises, discussions, creative visualization and mindfulness meditations in order to help you and your partner obtain a vision of the kind of birth experience that is best for you. 

You will learn how to:

  • Give birth your baby awake and alert in a totally relaxed state of mind and body by learning to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle associated with birth.

  • Use Clinical Self-Hypnosis, imagery and visualization to enhance the pregnancy, labor and birthing process.

  • Use Mind-Body techniques to alter the perception of pain in labor and dispel the myth that pain is a necessary counterpart of labor.

  • Reframe familiar and cultural beliefs.

  • Access emotions and transfer fears for the birthing process.

  • Enhance the process for the father/support person thus enhancing the comfort and serenity of the mother.

What Parents are saying:"Bella, thank you for the great BellaBirthing class. I felt amazing for the rest of the day. The class helped me so much. I have read the hypnobirthing material but the class actually showed me how to put these techniques into practice. Most of all I enjoyed the walking meditation to the beach, which was a great activity that I know will help me so much in labor. I now have the tools to help me relax while still allowing my body to remain active. I loved the aromatherapy and didn't realize how much the sense of smell could really help you relax!"- Jen C.

Dear Bella, I cannot express enough how your BellaBirthing class moved me. Your calm energy and knowledge can put anyone at ease. I learned so much from your class and feel like I am totally ready for my amazing birth. The exercises you taught were very interesting and helpful, not just for birthing, but for life. And I was moved to tears during our walking meditation, which was one of my most favorite things I have done during my whole pregnancy. I felt very calm and peaceful after your class and am now using the techniques you taught to get that same relaxed feeling back every time I need it. Well done Bella. Great work. Keep doing what you are doing and spread this special knowledge.Sincere thanks,Carol S.

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