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Chakra balancing 

Chakra Balancing brings balance to the body’s energy system and in turn brings balance back to one’s body, mind & spirit.  The body is designed to be self-correcting. It's job is to maintain balance and the free-flow of Qi.  
The chakras are an energetic gateway, feeding the body energy and providing an outlet for the release and dispersal of spent energy.Each chakra resonates with a particular frequency of vibration and are an integral part of holistic healing.  After a Chakra Balancing, you may feel an over all sense of well being and a positive new outlook about your life and its outcomes as it restores your energy and provides purpose to your goals.  It "turns the lights back on"  as Ive herd it said by those who receive the treatment. 

$150 / 50 minutes
Package of 5: 10% off
Package of 10 15% off
VIP MEMBER: $120 per treatment (always receives 20% off)