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The Arvigo Techniques of 
Maya Abdominal Therapy® 


Give yourself the gift of health 
and the chance to reconnect with 
your abdomen & womb/hara.  
This area is often neglected 
and the root of many diseases.


Hands on Health the Maya Way- 
One Day Course

Time: 9-5pm
Location: 385 Tequesta Drive Suite 4
Tequesta FL 33469

Arvigo Therapy® incorporates massage, herbs, nutrition, meditation, and emotional/spiritual healing into a holistic approach for wellness and disease prevention. The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage® is a non-invasive, external massage that guides internal abdominal and pelvic organs into proper position. This technique improves general overall health with special focus on abdominal and reproductive health by restoring circulation and energy flow as well as reducing congestion and inflammation. It is effective for both women and men.

What is Hands on Health the Maya Way?
During this one day workshop you will learn how working on your abdomen can have a profound impact on your digestive, urinary, reproductive and emotional health.

Who can attend this class?
This class is for anyone who is interested in self care to balance digestive, elimination, bladder, gynecological or prostate health and correct hormonal and autoimmune imbalances.

Continuing Education / CEUS
The Arvigo Institute, LLC is a continuing education provider for massage therapist and acupuncture. Check the website or call the Arvigo® office for full details. Contact your State Board for eligibility.

Registration and Payment:
Cost for workshop is $149 and includes tuition, handouts, healthy snacks and refreshment. Register on-line through the website www.arvigotherapy.com or call 603-588-2571

Instructor: Bella Lauren AP, DOM is an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Midwife & Massage Therapist who melds together many complementary therapies to create an individualized integrative treatment plan for her clients. Dr. Bella is also a Certified Practitioner and Self-Care Teacher of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and has traveled to Belize and Mexico to study with Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

For more information, please call 762-4273 or email dr.bellalauren@gmail.com

Transformational Breath 

Transformational Breath® is an integrative breathing technique. Helping the body to integrate stress, to promote healing, to reduce blood pressure, to reduce pain, this tool is fast working.

The benefits are numerous, lasting, and will remain long with you, after returning home. If you’re interested in improving health and well-being then join us for this Transformational Breath workshops.

Investment: $40 preregistered or $45 at the door

Click HERE to register

Space is limited, Preregistration required

Pelvic Floor Health with the Jade Egg

Description: The Jade Egg is a wonderful, age-old Taoist practice for strengthening the pelvic floor to reduces Qi loss, slow aging, improve sexual and urinary functioning, and help prevent organ prolapse. This is an informative class to the use and care of the egg. Participants will not need to insert their yoni egg to learn basic exercises during class.

Investment: $45.00 for just the workshop. Feel free to bring your egg to class if you own one. If you need a Jade Egg we have them for purchase $69.00. It is drilled with a string for easy removal, or for adding weight if desired. Class size is limited, advanced registration is required.

Wild Feminine WorkShop

You are invited to join this interactive & experiential group of awakened woman. You will learn to go deeper into the beauty of your body and to celebrate your feminine radiance! Its time to Re-discover your own powerful resources within. You will learn how to recognize the potential of your pelvic bowl that taps directly into the universal energies, from which all of life is made. By exploring this place where the universal energy meets the female body, we come home to the mystery within us and engage with that mystery to give life to the body, and body to the life.  With the Wild Feminine book as our outline, you’ll be guided through every step, chapter, mediation, and exercise by, Dr. Bella Lauren. 


If you are resonating with this, fantastic! Buy your book and start reading. The first chapter needs to be read before the first meeting.  More info on the book here: http://www.wildfeminine.com/wild-feminine-book/

I’m looking forward to this time with you all~ Dr. Bella

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BELLABIRTHING is more than a technique,
it is a philosophy; based on the belief that fear and tension are counterproductive 
to a calm and beautiful birth. 

Next class date: 
Last Saturday of the month from 12-5pm
Price: $149.00 or early bird discount $50 off when paid 30 days in advanced.  
*call 561-76-AGAPE to save your space today!

Womb Grief Ritual

Healing the Divine Feminine Within

Join Dr Bella as she hosts a deep dive
into the womb to heal and release
trapped grief of the feminine and the earth.

This 1-day workshop is a sacred space for women to meet, express, befriend and explore the deepest wounds and pains of their feminine self, of Gaia, and the feminine principle on earth and to release them for healing.

Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Agape Healing Arts
385 Tequesta Drive Ste 4
Tequesta Fl 33469
Investment: $175: includes healthy snacks and teas,
handouts, a yoni/root steam ritual and meditation.
* Preregistration is on Mind Body App.
Enjoy 20% early bird discount
if you register two weeks in advanced.

My love and blessings to you
❤ Dr. Bella

In ancient feminine mystery schools, ritual grieving and lamentation was a key process of rebirthing, releasing and opening back into love. This powerful healing is for women who have experienced abortion, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, fertility challenges, hysterectomy, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and heartbreak. We need not carry these hurts around.

If you feel ready, then now is the time to truly meet and let go of the burden of shame, guilt, grief, pain and hurt. Grieving creates a sacred pathway to restore your sense of trust in life, and creates space to welcome in a higher octave of Love into your being. When the grief of your Womb is expressed, she is free again to create beauty.

During this Womb Grief Ritual you will experience:

~ Sacred body-prayers to awaken and heal your Womb
~ Supportive practices to express the Voice of your Womb
~ Journeying through the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel
~ Creating a Womb Map of your inner Feminine space
~ Crafting and the Feminine Arts to support your journey
~ A profound communion with the Womb of Gaia, and Divine Mother.

What this Womb Grief Ritual will invite into your life:
~ Reclaiming your Womb space as a sacred centre of power
~ Healing and releasing old trauma that has weighed you down
~ Awakening the true beauty of your feminine self
~ Opening into self-love and loving relationship with your body
~ Awakening your creative feminine power
~ Opening into the frequency of Pure Love and renewal
~ Deepening your experience of intimacy, relationship and love
~ Sacred communion with Gaia and feeling safe to be on earth.

For further details please CALL 561-762-4273 

With Dr. Bella Lauren

Yoni/Root Steaming is a Sacred Healing Art for Body Mind and Spirit

Level 1: SELF-CARE
Yoni/Root Steam Practitioners must first take care of themselves. It is important to walk the walk before you offer this care to others. Once you take the time to experience the joys of nurturing yourself, first, you will be well equip to hold the hand of others as you guide them into their own experience.

- Know why you do what you do. Know Thyself.  What is your own personal story?

Module 1: Her-story, Mission and Vision; Ive heard the call.  Know Thyself, Know Thy Womb. What is your Story?

Module 2: The BODY-MIND-SPIRIT connection for Womb-Care
Module 3:  REDEFINING Women’s Wellness & Healthcare for the Aquarian Age WOMAN.


Certified Yoni/Root Steam Practitioners specialize in helping women understand the root cause(s) of their imbalances and their OWN UNIQUE JOURNEY into healing THEIR WOMB. This is achieved through learning about the tools that are incorporated in the Womb Awakening method of vaginal steaming and our unique approach to Womb Healing. Each practitioner incorporates this Womb Wisdom into their own  practice and develop their own intuitive gifts to become 

Module 4: The Yoni/Root Steam Method Application

Module 5: How to customize your own Steam Kit

Module 6: Attunement to Womb Awakening

Module 7: Harmonizing the Pelvic Bowl

Module 8: Preparing for the Market Place

Learn the day-to-day procedures for Yoni/Root steaming for preventative care, disharmony in the pelvic bowl and womb, post-partum steaming, best practices for sanitation and safety, and contraindications for vaginal steaming. Creating custom blends for your clients.  Harvesting with intention.
Our practitioners also learn how to begin their own practice with simple business strategies, client intake procedures, waiver of liability, policies, insurance.

Level 3: Certification 
Apprenticeship and Completing Certification: The apprenticeship consists of serving 5 women at no cost/donation based and uploading proof of service and testimonials of their Yoni/Root Steam experiences.

Module 9: Additional Trainings & Apprenticeship

Sacred Shamanic Sexuality 101

Rites of Passage: Wild Sexual Power, Reclaiming the Living Grail


In this Intro Workshop we will take an awakening journey into the path of Sacred Shamanic Sexuality. Your creative power is truly awesome, and is waiting for you to fully claim it and make it an ally. But first you have to own your creations, to 'know' what you are birthing. You were not created to play small or hide your light. You were created to come FULLY ALIVE, to be radient with delight, joy, and the pleasure of life. When your wild sexual power is liberated, you will burn through life with passion and purpose, everything you touch will turn to gold... your Womb will birth beauty into your life. You are a creative soul who births worlds into being...

Are you ready for a WILD AWAKENING???

"Wherever in the world a female body is seen,
That should be recognized as my Holy Body."
-- Candamaharosana- Tantra