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Agape Healing Arts

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The Arvigo Techniques of 
Maya Abdominal Therapy® 


Give yourself the gift of health 
and the chance to reconnect with 
your abdomen & womb/hara. 

This area is often neglected 
and the root of many diseases.


Wild Feminine WorkShop

You are invited to join this interactive & experiential group of awakened woman. You will learn to go deeper into the beauty of your body and to celebrate your feminine radiance! Its time to Re-discover your own powerful resources within. You will learn how to recognize the potential of your pelvic bowl that taps directly into the universal energies, from which all of life is made. By exploring this place where the universal energy meets the female body, we come home to the mystery within us and engage with that mystery to give life to the body, and body to the life.  With the Wild Feminine book as our outline, you’ll be guided through every step, chapter, mediation, and exercise by, Dr. Bella Lauren. 


If you are resonating with this, fantastic! Buy your book and start reading. The first chapter needs to be read before the first meeting.  More info on the book here: http://www.wildfeminine.com/wild-feminine-book/

I’m looking forward to this time with you all~ Dr. Bella

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BELLABIRTHING is more than a technique,
it is a philosophy; based on the belief that fear and tension are counterproductive 
to a calm and beautiful birth. 

Next class date: 
Last Saturday of the month from 12-5pm
Price: $300.00 or early bird discount $250 when paid 30 days in advanced.  *call 561-76-AGAPE to save your space today!

(Agape Healing Arts)

Transformational Breath® is an integrative breathing technique. Helping the body to integrate stress, to promote healing, to reduce blood pressure, to reduce pain, this tool is fast working.

The benefits are numerous, lasting, and will remain long with you, after returning home. If you’re interested in improving health and well-being then join us for this Transformational Breath workshops.

Next Workshop: August 7, 7-9pm

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