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Breathing in the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is a meaningful time of year to honor the harvest. This harvest can be physical or symbolic in nature. It is time to celebrate the harvest of efforts and intentions you planted for yourself earlier in the year. Spiritually speaking, fall is a time to acknowledge our own inner abundance as our birth rite and natural state of being.

The changing seasons are key points in the cycles of life that we see in nature. Many Indigenous cultures perceive a powerful hidden message for humanity within these natural cycles. Their wisdom was based on the earth and watching nature. They understood how to honor and live in harmony with all of the seasons of the year.

We too can learn from these cultures that honor the earth as Mother. They all offer the same concept, an illuminated state of inner awareness. They saw the turning of the seasons as milestones on our spiritual journey through life. With every change of season it is also an inner spiritual cycle that we individually and collectively take as humanity.

Let us be intentional with our lives and consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles. This brings us a deeper understanding of our own inner cycles.

Have you been hearing your own inner desires and dreams?

Sometimes its hard to hear with all the clutter and chaos on the outside. This is why it is important to set time to be still, to breath with intention and to listen to our hearts. It is ok to tell your mind to take a break so you can hear the stirrings of your own heart and to open yourself up to receive all your good.

A personal breath practice will open up your path of self discovery and move you forward to your own awakening. Through the breath, we learn to explore our inner landscape. Breathing with purpose is one of the key qualities of living a truly expressed and fulfilled life. When you learn to breathe deeply and explore your inner landscape, you uncover your true power & gifts and are able to find meaning in life.

Coming home to your breath is the best thing you can do for yourself. The breath is our connection with Source and our own truth. By returning to your breath you are able to remember who you truly are. All past "failures" make sense and you are free to just be you... beautiful you. Its time to come home and to believe in yourself again. This is your moment to become powerful beyond belief!

I encourage you to set aside some time to come and breath with intention on" target="_blank">Sunday, September 23, 2018. Acknowledge and honor your life cycle and spiritual path. In doing so, you are honoring, not only your own growth and light within, but the ancient wisdom that has served our health and wellness for thousands of years.

On this Fall Equinox, may you be blessed and take the time to honor your own inner abundance. May all that is within your consciousness shift from one of lack to one of abundance. Take the time for ritual in your life and bring back the sacred. Such as lighting a candle, burning some copal or sage, breathing deeply with intention, saying a prayer, filling your heart with love and gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.

With Love and Gratitude,

Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Bella" target="_blank">SIGN ME UP!

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