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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging in Sports Medicine & Musculoskeletal Disorders

DITI has been shown to be useful as a diagnostic tool in the differential diagnosis of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and their 


The controlling mechanism for thermal emission and dermal microcirculation is the sympathetic nervous system. There is a per

Muscle, joint, osseous, ligament and nerve injuries all cause the patient to perceive pain. Pain sensation is carried by afferent 


Pain felt at the area of injury is generally seen to be hyperthermic (increased thermal emission) due to decreased sympathetic 

Areas of referred pain are generally seen to be hypothermic (decreased thermal emission) due to increased 

DITI has been recognised as a viable diagnostic tool since 1987 by the AMA council on scientific affairs, the ACA council on 

DITI has good clinical utility, is cost effective, risk-free and provides instantaneous real time imaging. DITI should be used by 

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