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Healing the Sexual Wound

By: Dr. Bella

Now more than ever we are collectively calling out, as humanity, to heal our buried sexual wounds. All we have to do is look at the front page of the newspaper or turn on the TV and watch the news to see what is happening. The lights are being turned on and we are seeing all that has been hidden in the dark. We are living in the time of the great deluge, the great unveiling of all that has been kept secret for way too long.

The sexual wound of humanity must be addressed and healed by each and every one of us as we enter into the new age of enlightenment. No more secrets. All will be revealed in the light. It is time to heal humanities collective sexual wound and I believe a great place to start the healing journey is with a yoni/root steam and a womb grief ritual.

Your womb is your center of creation where you birth your babies and as well your intentions into being. By holding negative energy in your sacred space, you can cause many female health issues. Stagnant painful energy in your pelvic bowl from past trauma such as sexual assault or abuse often turns itself into a physical disease.

The word “Yoni” is another word you can adopt to use for your female anatomy that truly honors your Vagina. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for ‘temple’ and that’s exactly what our vaginas are; a temple. As women begin to claim back their power and share their stories with one another, it has served as a catalyst to the healing process. The physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing of our yoni is especially essential in this day and age.

A Yoni/root steam bath is an ancient healing method and a lost art that is making its way back to the forefront of our modern society. It is so important to heal and cleanse our Yoni’s regularly, ESPECIALLY if you have been violated in the past or are holding onto negative emotional states. Also if you have had multiple partners it would be helpful to do a yoni/root steam bath to rid your body of negative energy and restore her to her pristine innocence… You can then move forward with clarity and confidence as you choose your partner carefully. Sex is a sacred act in which you and your partner are exchanging ‘life-force’ energy and DNA. It is vital you both have good intentions and the exchange is a loving one.

If you have ever experienced sexual trauma, or have negative emotions surrounding your sexuality then a yoni/root steam would be a great place to start your healing journey. In confidentiality, if you contact me, I will give you the gift of a yoni/root steam and womb meditation, at no charge. Allow me to offer this gift to you. My teacher, Rosita Arvigo, always says that the only time it is appropriate to give free services to others is if there was something that was taken from them by another such as sexual misconduct, rape or abuse. I agree with this statement and make a public announcement to invite all who read this article and have been a victim of abuse to come and heal and give yourself this precious gift, or rather allow yourself to come and begin your journey to wholeness once again.

I have taken a vow to leave no wound without balm and no shadow unloved.


This is your moment for true healing on a profound level. Your yoni is your feminine crown and it deserves your upmost attention and healing energy especially now more than ever! Let us rise to this occasion and heal ourselves. As we do so, it creates a ripple affect.

You are the stone that is thrown into the pond and as you heal the ripples of the waters of your healing go out into the world and touch others so they can do the same. May we all aspire to our greatest healing and be like that stone thrown into the pond creating a ripple effect around us…. and may our ripple turn into a wave…. and then into a tsunami of love and healing grace.

Yours in true love and gratitude,

Dr. Bella

Agape Healing Arts

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