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Placenta as Medicine


Placenta is good medicine and has fondly come to be known as "THE HAPPY PILL."

A natural and powerful healing tool that Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests is placenta encapsulation.  The placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many generations.  Li Shizhen first wrote about placenta as a medicine in the 1500’s when he compiled the first Materia Medica on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dried placenta has been used widely ever since for many different symptoms.  In Chinese it is called, zi he che. The Parmaceutical name is, Placenta Hominis.  And in plain English we call it, human placenta.  I call it good medicine. The Literal English translation is “purple liver vehicle”  and according to TCM the channels it enters are the Liver, Lungs and Kidney.

Placenta tonifys and strengthens the vital force of those who ingest it.  In nature, every single animal is programed with an innate knowing to eat its placenta because they know it is good for them and they heal much faster.  It restores the warmth the body and womb that has been lost following birth, and therefore assisting in speedy recovery and harmonizing the bodys ballance. This fine balance helps with our immune system. It is believed that our body’s natural immunity, known as wei chi, is reduced post birth and is thought to be restored by ingesting placenta as medicine.

The placenta contains nutrient rich medicine that reharmonizes the overall Qi of the body.   Encapsulation is a process in which the placenta is steamed, dehydrated, blended into coarse powder and put into small capsules.   As the placenta contains massive amounts of crucial hormones and iron that leave the body once the placenta is born, consuming the placenta in any form can help new mothers maintain their hormone and iron levels in the few weeks after the birth.  Heat is infused into the placenta through the use of a combonation of warming chinese herbs, lemon, ginger and chilli. Chilli itself is warming, lemon being a grounding remedy, which alongside ginger aids in circulation and the distribution of healing properties throughout the body.  Women have reported feeling a calming effect after ingestion, less baby blues and postpartum depression.  Men have reported that their wives are more "happy" after taking thier placenta medicine.  Thats why is has been come to be know as "the happy pill" by many who have felt and witnessed its healing and calming effects.  

Encapsulating and consuming the placenta has a number of postpartum healing benefits for the mother:

Decreases the likelihood of postpartum depression

Increases and enriches breast milk production

Decreases the incidence of iron deficiency

Replenishes essential hormones such which results in a calmer mother

Makes her happy and feel really good!

Ok so now you have the history and some good facts. 

Now what?   Ask yourself,  why would I want to ingest my placenta?

WHAT IS IN MY PLACENTA that is so good for me? 

Take a look at the following list:

Gonadotrophin is the precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Prolactin is the hormone involved in stimulating milk production and enhances maternal instinct.

Oxytocin is the love hormone that promotes feelings of love and maternal bonding between mother and baby. It also decreases pain, helps the uterus to return to the normal size while reducing postpartum bleeding, counteracts the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and enhances the let-down reflex.

Prostaglandins are anti-inflammatory hormones that regulate the uterine contractions after birth and help the uterus to return it its pre-pregnancy size.

Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor (POEF) stimulates the production of your body’s natural opioids, including endorphins, and it reduces pain and increases well being.

Interferon & Gammaglobulin both stimulate the immune system to protect against infection.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone regulates the thyroid gland, boosting and balancing metabolism and energy levels.

Cortisone combats stress and unlocks energy stores in the body.

Iron replenishes maternal iron stores to help combat anaemia or postnatal iron deficiency. It also decreases fatigue and depression.

Haemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule vital to energy in the body and clarity in the mind. It is also supportive to the immune system.

Human Placental Lactogen (hPL) has lactogenic and growth-promoting properties. It promotes mammary gland growth in preparation for breastfeeding and regulates maternal glucose, protein and fat levels.

Urokinase Inhibiting Factor & Factor XIII reduce bleeding and enhance wound healing.

Amazing right? 

If you decide to say yes and encapsulate your placenta you will now have a few choices. 

Here are the different options that are availabel to you.


Placenta Capsules

This method usually produces around 100-175 capsules, depending on the size of your placenta.

Capsules last many years when stored in the freezer. Take them for PMS, low milk supply, fertility challenges, and even menopause!

Capsules should be taken with a glass of juice and a meal to help the powder settle and reconstitute in your stomach.

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is an added bonus in that it can be used in addition to and long after the capsules are gone. By tincturing a small piece of the placenta in a high grade alcohol, you can prolong the benefits of your placental hormones. The tincture can be used in any time of trauma, transition, emotional distress and during menopause and ease your symptoms.

The tincture is allowed to sit for at least six – eight weeks before use. It is very shelf-stable if kept in a cool dark place such as a cupboard, and will last for many, many years.

Placenta Salve

Your own superfine placenta powder is infused into a high quality salve base, with or without your choice of essential oils. We use a luxurious organic base as our carrier because it is non-sensitizing, good smelling, food based, and can penetrate deep under the surface of the skin. The Salve base is made of: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and vitamin E.

Placenta has long been used in skincare for its healing and restorative properties. There are a number of expensive anti-aging lotions and creams containing “sheep placenta extract” as the secret ingredient. Your own placenta is much more potent and completely safe to use topically when properly prepared.

Placenta salve can be used for: Cesarean and other and surgical scars (wait until wounds have closed); Perineal tears (wait until stitches dissolve); Diaper rash; As a general healing and skin-care salve

For more info on "PLACENTA AS MEDICINE" Packages and Pricing visit BELLABIRTHING website. 

If you would like a consult or to go ahead with using your placenta as medicine

you can call the office at 561-762-4273 and ask for Dr. Bella

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