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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Spirit


Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Spirit

With spring in full swing, it’s time to embrace this glorious season!

For half of the planet, spring is in the air. I certainly feel the stirring of new growth and possibility within me. I hope you do too!

At this time of year many of us feel the urge to "spring clean" our homes and our closets because we know it feels so good to declutter and refresh our environment. Something about this season evokes the need to make changes – to lighten up, to slow down and enjoy life.

Why not embrace these natural inclinations and apply them to our health?

Have you considered spring cleaning for Body, Mind and Spirit?

Your body is the only place you have to live on this earth. If you don't take care of it you will have to leave this beautiful planet. Its your earth-suit, your body temple. Thats what I fondly call my body, as it is my true home here on earth. And what about spring cleaning our minds? Are you ready to declutter unnecessary stress and troublesome thoughts and feelings? What about our Spirits? They should be free to soar like a bird, light and free. Is there anything that is weighing you down energetically? If so, this weight can make you feel "heavy" and take your vital life force from you. Its hard to carry around unprocessed emotions.

Let’s take a look at three simple tips to spring clean our lives;

physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

1. Bring in the sunshine and keep healthy levels of Vitamin D.

Our body naturally makes vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. Best and safest time to get sun exposure is in morning or late afternoon. Avoid the sun during its hottest times from 12-3pm.

2. Take deep connected and conscious breaths.

I encourage you to begin your own daily personal breath practice or by joining us at a Transformational Breath Workshop here at Agape once a month. Breathing deeply and properly will help oxygenate your blood, boost your mood, clean out your arteries and strengthen your heart. On the emotional and mental level integration happens as we physically open our breath and any blockages of repressed emotions are freed to be released and integrated. All of the emotional clutter inside your mind and body can be easily cleared.

3. Eat foods that are alive with vital life force and that contain the colors of the rainbow.

One of the best ways to improve your overall diet is to eat fresh living foods and to simply focus on adding a lot of color to your meals. With spring comes a fresh variety of produce that is bursting with flavor and nutrition. Our food is our medicine. Treat it as such. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a philosophy that helps you to stay healthy with the seasons. Eat foods that naturally grow in the season you are in. Also it is good to do a detox, cleanse or fast with every change of season so you stay healthy.

Our special promotion for the month of APRIL is BOGO for you and your friend to come and experience an integrative healing session or a Transformational Breath® Workshop. Whatever you are experiencing at this time we can help you to heal or enhance your health and wellness.

We look forward to working with you for your highest healing!

With Love and Gratitude for you,

Drs. Bella & Keith Cini

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