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Womb Grief Ritual

Healing the Divine Feminine Within

Join Dr Bella as she hosts a deep dive

into the womb to heal and release

trapped grief of the feminine and the earth.


This three hour workshop is a safe and sacred space for women and men to meet, express, befriend and explore the deepest wounds and pains of their feminine self, of Gaia, and the feminine principle on earth – and to release them into the loving embrace of the Divine Mother.  

What is Womb Grief Ritual?

In ancient feminine mystery schools, ritual grieving and lamentation was a key process of rebirthing, releasing and opening back into love. This powerful healing is for women who have experienced abortion, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, fertility challenges, hysterectomy, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and heartbreak. We need not carry these hurts around. If you feel ready, then now is the time to truly meet and let go of the burden of shame, guilt, grief, pain and hurt. Grieving creates a sacred pathway to restore your sense of trust in life, and creates space to welcome in a higher octave of Love into your being. When the grief of your Womb is expressed, she is free again to create beauty.

Who can attend this class?

This class is for anyone who is interested in reclaiming your WOMB space as a sacred centre of power ~ Healing and releasing old trauma that has weighed you down ~ Awakening the true beauty of your feminine self ~ Opening into self-love and loving relationship with your body ~ Awakening your creative feminine power ~ Opening into the frequency of Pure Love and renewal ~ Deepening your experience of intimacy, relationship and love ~ Sacred communion with Gaia and feeling safe to be on earth.


Investment is $45USD. Early bird fee is $40USD when paid one week prior to class.

*Refer a friend to attend with you and receive $20 gift certificate towards bodywork, tinctures or yoni/root steam & guided meditation.


on-line HERE or call Office directly at 561-762-4273


Dr. Bella is a prominent voice for women's health at every stage in life. As an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Herbalist, Midwife and body work therapist, she melds together many complementary disciplines to create a balanced model of holistic healing that her patients enjoy today. Dr. Bella's specialty is in Women's Wellness, Holistic Pelvic/Womb/Hara Care and in restoring the body to homeostasis. She is dedicated to empowering others to find the inner physician that lives within us all.

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